I’m Stronger Than I Thought I Was

It is currently September and my 21 incomplete goals have shrunk down to 2. I wanted to make these goals hard so that they would give me motivation to at least try. When I first made them, I thought that it would be nice to complete them before the year ended but it would be okay if it took longer because it probably would. What seemed impossible has suddenly become very possible.

Parts of my lifestyle have completely changed since I began this journey. One example is my love for books. Once I became a teenager, the thought of reading just became extra and boring and I eventually forgot about how much I used to enjoy it. Now I am currently a regular at my library and have read more books this year than I have in the past 5 years.

Some people have been genuinely curious as to how I’ve done this. While not all of my goals have been made very public, it is still really cool to think that I’ve improved almost 21 little points of my life. The honest answer to this is that I have no idea. Making goals has always been fun to me and I have always enjoyed marking them off of my list but they were never very successful. One thing that may have worked is that I put down goals I really wanted to accomplish but hadn’t gotten around to. Things that I knew needed to get done or fixed.

Looking around my room now, it is completely different. I have a book beside me and a room that gets cleaned regularly rather than once in a blue moon. My effectiveness at things like organization has become exponentially better and my ability to accomplish things has increased.

As I started to have more confidence in myself, I was able to broaden my own spectrum. We have control over a lot more than we think we do and once we pass that mental block, we can become unstoppable.

xoxo, millicent jean

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