Some Things Never Change

While my last post was about changes, I wanted this one to talk about things that are still the same. Ever since I was 6, I have been pounding on the same ivory keys of my old piano. The only difference (I hope) is that I’ve gotten better. It’s been a wild ride and I’ve wanted to quit along the road, but I’m happy I’ve continued these past 11 years.

The concept of minimalism goes beyond material things. Having a minimalist mindset can mean that you only emotionally hold onto things that you care about. Piano in this sense is a part of me. While my piano is a material thing, my ability to play goes beyond anything material.

Our talents are an important part of us. Having natural talents can’t be found unless we look for them. Life is supposed to be a fun adventure where we can learn about ourselves and who we really are.

Even if your talent isn’t anything musical or if you haven’t found that talent yet, keep looking. It might be right under your nose.

xoxo, millicent jean


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