One Wild Ride: Galveston, Texas

Believe it or not, my first stop was not scheduled for Texas. In fact, none of my stops were anywhere near Texas. My first stop was Fort Myers, Florida. This trip was an annual “girls trip” with my aunt. Two days before our scheduled trip, my aunt flew in so we could go together. We check the weather and find that it is over 50% storms EVERY DAY. That left us with the question: What are we going to do? Our water cruise would be cancelled, the beach would be closed, and outdoor shopping would be a pain. With no back up plan, I went to my trusty Travel board on Pinterest. After a stressful and clueless search, we stumbled upon Galveston, Texas.

Upon arrival, Galveston reminded me of the normal beach I go to, but more historic. With further investigation, Galveston became more of a Texan version of Charleston. Now becoming a bigger Spring Break destination, Galveston is becoming busier and busier. With a nice sandy beach and plenty of good restaurants, this island is a great vacation site!

This was certainly a great start to my summer break and will hopefully become a traditional destination for me and my aunt!

xoxo, millicent jean

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