This year has been a new experience for me. The future holds so much promise and as I’m getting older, it is kind of scary. My life is approaching a cross-roads. What is next? I have been holding onto the past a lot lately because it is certain. Journaling has really been helpful because I can look back at certain memories that I may have forgotten. I think that it is healthy to look back at the past as long as it doesn’t control us. We can only learn if we know what hasn’t worked.

Depending on a person’s past, it can be very hard to think back on a different time. Some of the memories may be very painful. Looking back, I try to focus on the lessons I learned and the laughs I shared. With some experiences, I go back and dissect it.

My school has been really big on creating time capsule emails for us. There are so many different kinds online. Sending yourself a message might seem silly, but I am always surprised at how much things change. Life may be hard, but it continues to go on regardless.

xoxo, millicent jean

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