Making Goals

Goals are very underrated. People push them to the side even when they are extremely important. They are hard and people want an easy way. The other day I was thinking about all of the goals I had and how long I’ve had them. When is the day going to come when I finally achieve them?

I currently have 21 goals. They are a variety of things from new hobbies I want to try to becoming more organized. The sky is the limit with goals. There is such an endless spectrum of goals you can make for yourself. The only issue is when and how you are going to do it. You have to start somewhere.

My first step to achieving these goals is by putting up reminders everywhere. There are sticky notes on my mirror, a list on my bedside table, and notes on my computer. The more I am reminded of them, the more motivated I become. Motivation is key to doing anything. If you have such a distaste for something, it will never be finished. So figure out what you want to accomplish, today can be the start of something great.

xoxo, millicent jean

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