Quiet Days

Growing up I’ve never really liked the snow because it’s cold and wet. Now I’ve seen it as something completely different. In a sense, snow stops time. If there is just enough, things start to shut down. Schools are cancelled, meetings are cancelled. It can also be beautiful. Everything is coated in snow. Icicles form too. Everything is suddenly lit up.

On the first (and probably only) snow of the year, I’ve been able to have a quiet day of getting my priorities straight and knocking off things on my to-do list. After being stressed for the past couple of days with a new semester, I’m enjoying my day off. So now think of something you’ve always wanted to do but never had time for. It could be cleaning out your closet or rearranging furniture. There will always be at least one day in the near future where it can be done.

The time is now. Just when we start to become completely overwhelmed, there is always a saving grace nearby. Just when school was becoming a little bit more than I could handle, I was given this day to catch up. The world is so loud, sometimes all it takes is a quiet day to figure things out.

xoxo, millicent jean

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