Going Against the World

Being a minimalist might seem trendy, but it still goes against what most of the world considers life. Consumerism controls our world. Things are what fills the “empty spaces” in our lives. Things become so important that during the holidays people go into debt. The United States has over $20 trillion dollars in debt. It may seem silly or empty to have a small amount of stuff, but what that person has is completely theirs.

A lot of people seem to think I’m “missing out” by not going on huge shopping trips with my friends anymore, but I have no interest in shopping unless I really need something. In the beginning of the Minimalism documentary, there are clips of hectic Black Fridays. Some of the clips even show fights breaking out and kids getting things taken from them by adults.  This has started to become the norm for a lot of people.

The world has become so consumed with stuff that we have forgotten what is truly important. The documentary talks about how we’ll start with one car and have all of this excitement, but then lose the excitement and get another. It is a never-ending cycle that we have been caught up in since birth. We love the way shopping makes us feel. Feeling “grown-up” and productive because we have gotten something new.

The catch with all of this is that the feelings don’t last very long. Eventually we forget and become bored of what once made us happy. A newer version comes out or what we had becomes out-of-date. Then the search is back on to find something else. This coming Spring, may we begin to clean out the old without coming in with the new. May we become happy with what we already have and break the cycle.

xoxo, millicent jean

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