2018: A Year of Consistency

New Year’s Resolutions are great, but I enjoy coming up with one theme for the year. Last year was my year of simplicity. I really focused on trying not to be so all over the place. 2017 was an accomplishment for me because I did what I planned to do. This year, however, I want to focus in on making my life consistent. Posting consistently and keeping my schedule consistent are just some of the things I want to work on.

We make decisions all the time, but if those decisions are consistent, life becomes a lot easier. There are more things we can think about than what we’re going to be doing that day if the decision has already been made. Our bodies function a lot better if we start implementing things such as a certain time to get up everyday or a certain time to eat.

Life is meant to be simple. A lot of the reasons why childhood seems so much easier is because our lives were more consistent. We had a certain bed time, a definite time to go outside to play or to practice an instrument. By thinking back on “happier times” we can figure out what we need to do in order to do that again.

Think about what you want to accomplish this coming year. What is the theme of that goal? Last year I wanted to clean out all of my junk and start fresh. I wanted that because it would make my life simpler. Creating a theme for your goals helps make it easier to focus your energy on them so you can succeed.

xoxo, millicent jean

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