Having Faith in Myself

Social media has completely changed the way that we look at ourselves. We are constantly being watched, even if we are not physically there. A quick search can pull up so much about our lives. Some of our best memories can be found in the pictures on our social media accounts. Insecurity has been the product of all of this. In our lives we come under a lot of scrutiny for things that aren’t necessarily bad or weird. Being different is good, but sometimes people are afraid of something foreign.

Our life is our journey, nobody else’s. We shouldn’t allow our views of others to affect the views we have of ourselves. Trusting other people’s opinions can be so easy, but what we really need to do is trust our own. We are the captain of our own ship. A lot of us struggle with being able to trust that we have the ability to take charge. Decisions constantly need to be made, and we can’t just wait for someone else to make the decisions for us.

Having faith in others is good, but sometimes we need to learn to trust our own opinion. It can be so easy for others to trust us, so why can’t we trust ourselves? In the end we are responsible for the consequences so we shouldn’t give the decision-making to someone else. Other people are great for advice, but we are the ones who truly know what we need.

xoxo, millicent jean

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  1. Wildheart says:

    Our life is our journey, nobody else’s, so true. I constantly struggle with wanting to get a bit of attention and wanting to keep my life private, I still choose the latter one and I have loving myself more each day… ☺️

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