The Importance of Accessories

When having a small closet, it can seem like you only ever wear 2 things. Outfits can look completely different by just adding a few accessories, a different pair of shoes, or a new hairstyle. It’s sometimes surprising when people act like they’ve never seen a shirt because I found a way to style it differently. I really enjoy fashion so it has been fun experimenting with my closet. You don’t always need something new to create a new outfit. I’m still surprised by how much potential my closet has.

Before minimizing my closet, I never really paid any attention to jewelry. Jewelry really pulls an outfit together. Being one of the cheapest parts of an outfit, it really isn’t hard to get. My clothes are pretty muted so I like that I can have statement jewelry to add something to my style. My friends joke that I give them an Elena Gilbert vibe with my style. When picking out your clothes, really look at your accessories and see how different the vibe of the outfit would be with or without it.

xoxo millicent jean

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