Keeping Stress to a Minimum

Now that high school is finally starting to wind down for me, I’ve realized that I shouldn’t stress about it as much as I do. I’ve tried to make my life a lot more care-free and it has been very rewarding. I spent part of my summer in Peru as an exchange student and I was in a position where I couldn’t control my schedule. Scheduling has always been a big priority of mine so it was weird to not be in control of it. At the beginning of the trip it was kind of weird having to let go of all of the stress surrounding the schedule and just go with it. Since I’ve gotten home, I’ve tried to keep the same attitude about life. In the US, the most stressful year of high school is junior year. Junior year is the year when teenagers start to drive and prepare to join the workforce and/or go to college.

School started in the second week of August for me and that was a time when I really had to decide how I was going to handle this year. I made a few goals and really reflected on what I thought was important. I feel like this year has gone better than any of my other years of high school due to the fact that I am trying to go with the flow. By just relaxing and trusting in myself, I have grown so much in just the past few months. I know that I deserve more than I give myself sometimes and that it is okay to make mistakes.

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