A New Journey

Being a teenager has made me a lot more negative than I used to be and going through a tough time never helps. I really want to start being more positive so that those hard times will not seem as bad as they do now. I’ve even started a new checklist that I use each day to make sure I do what I can in order to have a great day. Sometimes things happen and my day won’t be the best, but my attitude is what decides that.

The world can be such a hateful place and sometimes it may seem impossible to be happy, but there is always a way. Your life is worth more than what someone else dictates and you shouldn’t allow someone to ruin your day. It is your day for a reason. No day is a lost cause, there is always a way to brighten it up. Don’t forget that there is always tomorrow, the fight is not over yet.

xoxo millicent jean

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