Meet Oliver – the one-eyed dog

Meet the sassiest, clumsiest, weirdest dog I’ve ever had. About a year ago, a two-eyed puppy covered in fleas and paint appeared on our front step. Our neighbor asked if we could keep him in our backyard until he found his forever home (little did we know he’d already found it). I saw him and immediately fell in love. He attached himself to me, following me everywhere I went. The first week was a big transition for him, especially when he became the one-eyed dog we know and love today. We still don’t know exactly what happened due to the fact that we weren’t home, but he took it like a trooper.

At such a dark time in my life, I’m happy to know that I had the most supporting dog out there. Oliver might be insane and a bed hog, but he’s the best. Pets are sometimes all we need to get through something that seems impossible. They believe in us more than anyone else can and always love unconditionally. If you’re ever interested in getting a new member of the family, please consider adopting a rescue. You could save a life.

xoxo millicent jean

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