New Beginnings

Before I start I want to apologize for not posting yesterday when I was supposed to. I had so many thoughts in my head but I just couldn’t piece them together. I think I know what to say now (at least I think so).

School started this past week and the only word I can use to describe it as is interesting. It wasn’t a good or bad week, it was just interesting. There were a lot of changes so I believe that this year is going to be very different.

Like I previously mentioned, I changed a lot this past year after dealing with a lot. I expected some people to not like that change but I was still surprised. Only two people have openly told me that they don’t like the fact that I’ve changed but I know some people have been taken aback by it. To be completely honest, I don’t care as much as I thought I would. I’ve gotten the mindset that it is what it is. Not to say that I don’t care about those people, but in the sense that maybe we’re better off without each other.

I’ve finally realized that I am worth more than someone else’s approval of me. I’ve finally found who I am, and I know that the only people who matter are the ones who have chosen to stay. Stand firm in your beliefs and you’ll realize that too.

xoxo millicent jean

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