Peru. The good, the bad, and the ugly

Here’s to the craziest 2.5 weeks of my life!

I absolutely loved this trip and still am in shock that it has been over a month since I left. Being the amateur traveler that I was I had never been out of the country before so I was able to experience so many new things. To sum up this trip I want to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good: Everything! The culture, the language, the llamas, the bargaining, the headbands! If you don’t know they sell hand-made headbands in Cusco and I bought 7 for myself and 4 for friends which is insane. I really enjoyed Cusco and Machu Picchu due to it’s rich culture and history. I also enjoyed Lima but it was overwhelming how big it was! The tour guide we had told us that the population of Peru is 31 million and 11 million alone live in Lima! I also really loved the family I stayed with and the rest of the Peruvians in our group 🙂

The Bad: I never want to see another plane every again. The plane rides were long and hot and for a few of the rides I thought I was going to die due to the turbulence! Our flight from Miami to Lima had a 3 hour delay so for the first hour we sat and waited but the other 2 hours consisted of us sitting on the plane with no air conditioning in sight. When we were originally supposed to land at 8:30 pm into Lima, we didn’t land until 11:50 pm and we still had to get up at 5:30 am to make our flight from Lima to Cusco! Luckily we didn’t crash and other than losing patience we were fine.

The Ugly: Out of everything I experienced on this trip, only 2 things make this list (thank goodness). I knew this was going to happen eventually due to the fact that I was the last person who hadn’t yet gotten sick. The first thing was food poisoning and it sucked. Tip #1 to all of you travelers: don’t eat street food or food that you’re questioning even if everyone else’s is fine. I ate the food on Friday, flew into Lima that night, went to a party, left early, and got sick 2 hours later at 3 am. My family was so sweet about it though and helped me get over it in only 24 hours! The second thing was the boat tour we went on on our last Sunday in Peru. I’m normally fine with boats but not when we approach an island full of sea lions! The smell was horrid. I don’t recommend it unless you bring nose plugs. The boat ride there was beautiful other than that and I saw the Pacific Ocean for the very first time!

This trip was amazing and if any of you are ever offered a trip of a lifetime please take it! I never thought I’d be given this opportunity and it was the best experience! Much love to Peru and I’m excited to see my Peruvian friends again very soon <3.

xoxo millicent jean

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